trouble-man2Just recently I was you tubing for various Grind House films of the seventies and I stumbled across this beauty. If you haven’t seen this movie yet there is something wrong with you. I’m not joking you will not be disappointed. If you like jiving, calling white people honkey and wearing six hundred dollar suits then this is the movie for you.

It stars Robert Hooks who plays the infamous Trouble Man, a man who carries two guns, one to stop trouble and one to make trouble. Two men who operate and run illegal gambling rings hire him, who of late have been getting robbed by masked burglars. It’s up to Trouble Man to stop the burglaries, a gang war and keep the cops off his back while spending varying amounts of time in well furnished lady friends apartments. This guy has got it all, a bad attitude and a pair of suede shoes you just cant help but get kicked in the face with.

A classic Grind House from 1972, Trouble Man gives you everything you want in a film and more.

Watch the trailer here